Breaking Canada Summer Tour 2024

The spring and summer Canadian Breaking events are piling up and here is an overview of what’s to come.

We kick it off with the 7 to Smoke Series.  The series was the first of its kind here in Canada last year, and we continue to create consistent activities for the years to come.  This year we will partner with amazing events and festivals like Great North Beatbox Battle, Jackalope Festival, and even Canada Olympic House in Paris. Toronto, Mississauga, Montreal, and Paris will host the series for this year.   The series runs on June 2nd (Toronto), July 14th (Mississauga), August 6th-8th (Paris), and September 14-15th (Montreal).

For Canada Day long weekend, we will be bringing back The Breaking Draft at Harbourfront Centre on June 29th!  Enlist in the draft and show and prove why you deserve to be a Team Captain and part of the draft talent pool.

In July, we celebrate the culmination of hard work and dedication of an entire season of competitive breaking with breakers from all across Canada with our Breaking Canada and CDS National Championship at Jackalope Festival, Mississauga.  The event will take place at Celebration Square on July 12th and 13th.  The weekend is then capped off with the Invitational 1v1 You Be ILL and You Be ELLE Championship, and an open 7 to Smoke on July 14th.  

Special guests, Invitational announcements, prizes, and workshops will be announced soon!